“Descend Into The Dreaming”

Northern Cheyenne & Crow
“Descend Into The Dreaming”“Descend Into The Dreaming”

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    Carlin B

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    18x 24 oil on canvas​,​ framed 2020. For all those at the Crossroads​,​ Gathering and Passing​,​ Life grasping​,​ lights flashing Time gone but Spirit everlasting Intertwined in divine reaction Some lives will uprise like sunrise While others descend​,​ Fall and dive off a deep end Like Autumn leaves lost in the breeze beneath the East Wind Til we all meet and speak again​,​ Either in dreams or at the camp waiting at the holy side​,​ Perhaps​,​ take a chance​,​ Glance up at the glowing skies​,​ See dancing​,​ smiles and glowing eyes​,​ Memories of elders​,​ Ancestors immortalized.

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    18x24 oil on canvas

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