Ka Ukauʻi - The Upland Beauty

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Ka Ukauʻi - The Upland BeautyKa Ukauʻi - The Upland Beauty

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    Gina M

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    A sugar scrub made from all natural ingredients: kōpaʻa (raw cane sugar)​,​ paʻakai (Hawaiian salt)​,​ ʻaila niu (coconut oil)​,​ ʻaila noni (noni oil)​,​ ʻaila palepiwa (eucalyptus oil)​,​ and two 'secret' dried lāʻau koa (herbal warriors). This scrub is anti-bacterial​,​ and is made to soothe rashes and dry​,​ itchy skin. Made with aloha in Hawaiʻi.

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