Mini basket-Balancing the World necklace

Yurok, Wintun

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Mini basket-Balancing the World necklaceMini basket-Balancing the World necklaceMini basket-Balancing the World necklace

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    The Jump Dance basket is used in the Jump Dance ceremony held by Northern CA Natives (Yurok​,​ Hupa​,​ Karuk). The Jump Dance is held every two years for ten days to restore balance to the world. During the ceremony dancers fast​,​ sing​,​ dance and offer prayers. The basket carried medicine and conveys prayers to the Other Side. These mini baskets are made of ceanothus-wild lilac sticks​,​ willow roots​,​ bear grass​,​ woodwardia fern​,​ Indian root​,​ sinew​,​ leather​,​ flicker feathers (for good luck) and good thoughts. These mini baskets are not used in ceremony. They represent baskets that are held in tribal families for generations. Size: 2 inches by 1 inch.

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