Snake Cuff Ring

ñuù savi / Mixtec
Snake Cuff RingSnake Cuff RingSnake Cuff RingSnake Cuff Ring

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    These pure copper rings are reminiscent of a rattlesnake​,​ one of the many venomous serpents that live in the Ñuù Savi regions of Mexico. In Mesoamerica​,​ the snake is a symbol of both death and rebirth​,​ with its dangerous bite and shedding skin. A feathered serpent deity is widespread throughout Mesoamerica​,​ and is most commonly known by its names in indigenous cultures: Quetzalcoatl (Aztec)​,​ Kukulkan (Yucatec Maya)​,​ and Qʼuqʼumatz (K'iche' Maya). My family uses Quetzalcoatl​,​ a Nahuatl word​,​ when referring to the deity​,​ as the prevalence of the Nahua led to widespread use of their language. Quetzalcoatl's significance across eras and cultures has allowed for a plethora of origin stories​,​ though he is always associated with wind​,​ knowledge​,​ and a connection to the heavens. In an effort to give back to the serpents that inspired this piece​,​ I typically donate some of the proceeds of each sale to a nonprofit organization. This NGO is on Chiricahua Apache land in what is now known as New Mexico and is dedicated to snakes across the USA. Please see below for more information. "Advocates for Snake Preservation" (ASP) is a a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization using "science​,​ education​,​ and advocacy to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence with snakes." They've been operating since 2014​,​ and have a demonstrated record of research contributions and community presentations. Check them out at to learn more! ASP​,​ or the NGO of your choice​,​ will receive 30% of the ring's total cost. The rings are $13.50 flat​,​ coming to a $4.05 donation per ring!

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