Wide Prayer Bracelet

Wide Prayer BraceletWide Prayer Bracelet

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    The four lines in the center are the four directions and the set of four mountains on either side are the sacred mountains that encompass Diné homeland. We spread blessed corn pollen in each of the four direction in starting our daily prayers. In between the mountains are sun stamps representing the frequency of prayer. This 3​/​4 inch wide medium prayer bracelet was made by Mike Nez. Can be custom made according to the circumference of your wrist near your palm. Bracelets sizes xl and above will cost extra. Different mountain and sun stamps may be used depending on the size of the bracelet. Priority shipping cost differs with distance from Albuquerque​,​ New Mexico.

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    • Turquoise
    • Coral
    • Silver
    • Copper
    • Beaded
    • Gold

    Sizes Available

    Small (5 1/2" wrist circumference), Medium (6" wrist circumference), Large (6 1/2" wrist circumference)

    Base Price:$235.00

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